Hybrid Vehicles: Cars and Buses

  • Houston has 755 hybrid vehicles
  • Houston has the 3rd largest municipal fleet in the country
  • The goal of 50% non-specialty civilian fleet to be reached this year
  • Reduced fuel consumption from 9.4 million gallons in 2005 to 8.8 million gallons in 2009
  • METRO purchasing 100 hybrid buses a year through 2011 for a total of 499 hybrid buses


  • Bicycling as an accepted and normal mode of transportation
  • Currently, Houston offers over 300 miles of interconnected bikeway network spanning across 500 square miles
  • Houston has over 80 miles of hike and bike and nature trails found throughout City of Houston parks
  • Goals:
    • Completion of gaps in the biking network
    • Renewed focus on commuting; including options to support the use of bikes such as shower expansion

Electric Vehicles

  • Public Private Partnership
    • Mayor/Municipal support
    • Electric provider
    • Major business center adaptation
  • Infrastructure local, mid and long distance
    • Parking spots at Park and Ride locations
    • Points of Interest
    • Interstate charging facilities
    • Multi-family developments
  • OEM with a production vehicle
    • Manufacturer with the ability to deliver cars
    • One stop shopping at dealership
  • Consumer Incentives
    • HOV sticker allowing single occupancy
    • EVs access
    • Reduced/free toll road charges
    • Bundle packages
    • Free charging infrastructure
    • 24 hour (or less) streamlined/online
    • Permitting

For more information please see Electric Vehicles page