Houston's Green Fleet

Prior to Hurricane Harvey, Houston had the 4th largest municipal hybrid fleet in the nation. Approximately 50% of the City’s non-specialty, light-duty fleet have been replaced with hybrid vehicles to reduce current and future maintenance costs, increase vehicle reliability, and decrease emissions. Overall, about 11.5% of the City’s fleet is green and the City aims to use funding from the VW settlement to add more alternate fuel and electric vehicles to our fleet.

The City of Houston was also among the first municipalities in the nation to use electric vehicles in our municipal fleet-share program. The pool-vehicle program has seen a 50% increase in use of vehicles placed in the program, meaning more needs are met with fewer vehicles. 44 older vehicles have been sold due to the increased efficiencies, and 84 vehicles reassigned. The City’s use of EV and hybrid vehicles have also resulted in annual savings compared to the cost of running internal combustion engine vehicles.

Unfortunately, due to the severe flooding in the parking garages under City Hall, nearly all of the City’s Electric Vehicle fleet was destroyed. Thanks to support from Nissan the City hopes to soon have 29 EVs back up and running. As one of the 11 cities selected under the Electrify America program, the City is working with local businesses and neighborhoods to expand public EV infrastructure throughout Houston.

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