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Energy Efficiency Incentive Program  

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The City of Houston (COH), in conjunction with the Green Office Challenge, has launched the City's first Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP) for commercial buildings. The EEIP will provide a financial incentive to help office building owners, property managers, and tenants located in the COH to reduce energy consumption and increase the economic performance of their building. The City will provide incentives to offset 20 percent of the up-front labor and material costs, with the incentive ranging from $20,000 to $200,000 maximum per building upon completion of the project.

To be eligible for the program, a certified energy manager must perform an energy audit and make energy conservation recommendations that will, at a minimum, project a 15 percent energy savings. The City is encouraging a further "stretch" goal of 30 percent energy savings through its Green Office Challenge initiative.  At least 60 percent of the total grant incentive awards will be set aside for projects under $500,000, and 50 percent of the grant incentive awards will be set aside for Class B and C buildings.

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