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Resilience & Sustainability Office

The Resilience & Sustainability Office is responsible for implementing Resilient Houston and the Houston Climate Action Plan. Together, these documents provide a clear framework to foster the growth of a Houston that is both a healthy place to live and an equitable, inclusive, and affordable city that leads in climate mitigation and adaptation and offers a transformative economy that builds forward.

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31% Complete

Goal: Plant 4.6 million trees in Houston from 2020-2030.
Progress: As of 2022, 1.4 million trees have been planted.

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Goal: Convert 100% of non-emergency, light-duty municipal fleet to EV by 2030.
Progress: 419 of the roughly 4,000 vehicles are battery, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid electric.

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86% Complete

Goal: Complete 100 green stormwater infrastructure projects by 2025.
Progress: As of 2022, 86 projects have been completed on public and private property.


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Goal: Build 375,000 new homes across every income level from 2020-2050.
Progress: As of 2022, almost 52,000 new homes have been built.

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Goal: Provide access to public transportation within a half-mile for all Houstonians by 2050.
Progress: A 5% increase each year is necessary to accomplish this goal.

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Goal: Provide 500,000 Houstonians with preparedness training by 2025.
Progress: As of 2022, 139,000 Houstonians have been provided the tools and resources to be resilient as individuals.


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Goal: Produce five million megawatt hours of local solar power by 2050.
Progress: CenterPoint reported 148,030 mWh produced in 2021. This is four times more than 2020.

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Goal: Reduce residential waste by 50% by 2040.
Progress: 420,608 tons of residential waste was collected in 2023 which is 8.4% less than the baseline 459,104 tons collected in 2020.

Alert Houston

9% Complete

Goal: Ensure that 100% of Houstonians have access to accurate, real-time emergency alerts by 2030.
Progress: As of 2023, 203,591 contacts are signed up to receive Alert Houston notifications.

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